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Meet Kali Acquaah

Hola! I am a certified aquatics instructor, competitive swimmer, and I absolutely believe a “dip a day” keeps the doctor away. Growing up in California, I was fortunate to live near water, whether that be a pool, a lake or the ocean. From infancy, I suffered with chronic asthma and was hospitalized several times for weeks on end. I missed a lot of school because of this. When I was eight, my friend invited me to join the local swim team, where my love for swimming began. Within months of practicing, my asthma attacks subsided, my respiratory symptoms disappeared, and eventually I didn't have to use my inhaler on a daily basis.


I swam competitively throughout  high school and worked summers as a Red Cross Certified Life Guard. During my years as a student at UC Santa Barbara, I was fortunate to be mentored by top collegiate coaches and became a Certified Aquatics Instructor. With over 10 years of coaching experience and counting, I feel fortunate to be able to give the gift of water safety to  people of all ages; infants, youth, masters, collegiate swimmers, and even seniors.

My methods are simple; having patience and meeting students exactly where they are. I love to teach private learn-to-swim lessons for those with little to no swimming experience; emphasizing water safety, skill development, and most importantly; building a positive relationship with the water through play. 

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