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Blissful Heart Yoga Designed for Your Lifestyle


If you are seeking freedom and fulfillment through the path of yoga, you have come to the right place! Kali merges Restorative Yin, Gentle Vinyasa and Hatha intuitively geared toward your body and spirit. A practice designed to meet you where you are and awaken you to your inner wisdom and blissful radiance

The Art of Bliss

Blissful Heart yoga begins from the most pure and beautiful place on earth–your heart.

This style of yoga is curated towards each practitioners highest state of wellbeing and equanimity; beginning from a place of deep relaxation and inner stillness. Suitable for both beginners and experienced yogis–Kali creates a safe and nurturing space for individuals to be guided from a place of authenticity and connection with their highest selves. She initiates modification of postures to honor the comfort of each unique body.

The practice is gentle, yet powerful. Come practice and experience the incredible

healing paradise of Montezuma, Costa Rica. 

Church Candles

Weekly Classes held in

Montezuma, Costa Rica


 Ylang Ylang Beach Resort:

(Gentle Flow) Friday & Sunday at 8 - 9:30am 

$15 Pay at Front Desk


 Avès Hotel & Resort:

(Candle Lit Yin) Tuesday's at 7 - 8pm 

$15 Pay at Front Desk


 Click the link below for one on one private or group offerings 

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