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A 6 Week Class package secures a weekly spot in our sessions. This allows for a consistent learning experience for you and your little one. Water Babies classes are routine-based; guided by movement, song, and socialization. Our sessions are conducted in a gentle, nurturing and playful environment which encourages babies to develop comfort and confidence in the water. Classes can be formed with (3) or more families at private pools or various locations. 

*A parent is required to be in water with a child.


  • Babies & Toddlers (2 months to 2.5 Years)
  • 30 minute group lessons for 3 or more swimmers & parents
  • Swimmers gain self confidence & water comfortablilty
  • Parents learn holding techniques to practice on their own
  • Develops mental & physical skills
  • Great class for babies & parents to play and socialize!

Water Babies (6) Week Class Package

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